Trekking The Annapurna Circuit

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Title: Trekking The Annapurna Circuit

Subtitle: NATT-Trails (New Annapurna Trekking Trails)

Author: Andrees de Ruiter and Prem Rai

ISBN: – 978-9937-577-83-0

Pages:- 168

Edition: 2014

Language: English

Bound: Soft Cover

Himalayan Travel Guides; travel guidebook series by Himalayan Map House



Short introduction;


For many years the Annapurna Circuit was one of the most beautiful treks in the world. But in 2004 a general program was started in Nepal to connect all regional headquarters by road. One road to go to Jomsom and another to Chame. Soon it was decided that the road should even go till Muktinath and Manang.


The construction was simultaneously started all along the way mainly following the existing (trekking) trails. Since 2008 one can drive from pokhara directly to Muktinath. On the Manang side the construction is still ongoing.


Soon it was realized by the Nepali Authorities that the road had a very negative impact on trekking tourism and ACAP started to find plan and construct new alternative trails, which would avoid the road.

The authors have walked extensively these


New Annapurna Trekking Trails (which the authors call NATT-Trails) and marked many of them with


The red/white    or   blue/white NATT Signs.

In this book you will find a description of these trails helping you to trek beside and often fare away of the road again enjoying one of the best trekking areas of Nepal and the World.

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    Can I buy or download a copy of the latest natt annapurna circuit book? I am in NZ

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    Hi, where can I download a copy of the latest NATT trekking guide to Annapurna?

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    Here are some ways to enjoy famous around annapurna circuit trek. Enjoy the read!

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    Please, where can I buy a copy of the Andre’s de Rutter and prem rai Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, 2014 edition.

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    Where can I buy and download the latest NATT circuit book?

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    I would like to buy this book (Trekking The Annapurna Circuit, ISBN 978-9937-577-83-0, from Andrees de Ruiter and Prem Rai, EDITION 2014)

    Do you know how is it possible to get it ?


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    I would like to order the Annapurna circuit book please. I live in the US.

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